Up to 20,000 words critiqued by editor Sam Bradbury

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Sam Bradbury

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Sam will read and critique the first 20,000 words of your manuscript as well as your synopsis for the remainder of the story, focusing on strengths and weaknesses, character, plot, narrative arc and worldbuilding. She will also answer any more specific queries you have, and any questions about submitting your novel, the editorial process, or the publishing industry in general.

Sam is a commissioning editor for adult and young adult science fiction and fantasy at Hodder & Stoughton in the UK, as well as a member of Hodderscape, the online SFF community for Hodder books. She previously worked at Jo Fletcher Books and the first edition bookshop, Goldsboro Books, and graduated from UCL with a master’s degree in Publishing. She is a book nerd, enthusiastically terrible gamer, graduate psychologist and geek of other various flavours. She’s from a tiny northern town, but moved to London to become an editor and has never looked back, despite occasionally missing the countryside.