Up to 10,000 words critiqued by Michael Moreci

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Michael Moreci

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Over the phone (or Skype, if that’s easier), I will plot/brainstorm your story with you. Send me up to 10K of story material — outline, chapters, whatever— and then we’ll get together to talk about structure, ideas, and how to mold what you have into what you want it be.

Michael Moreci is a novelist and comic book author. His debut novel, Black Star Renegades–a space adventure in the spirit of Star Wars—was released earlier this year, and it will be followed by a sequel, We Are Mayhem, in April 2019. His comics work include the acclaimed sci-fi hits Roche Limit and Wasted Space; he’s currently writing Archie Meets Batman ’66 and Star Wars Adventures. In the past, he’s written iconic characters such as Batman, Superman, Nightwing, The Flash, The Shadow, Conan the Barbarian, as well as his own original series, Curse, Hoax Hunters, and Burning Fields. He lives outside Chicago with his family.