Thesis’s Folly handmade Tak set with copper inlay & iron nails, 1 of only 3 made


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AS Wood

Handcrafted, heirloom-quality Tak set from AS Wood, 1 of only 3!

This is an 8×8 hybrid Tak board with a full set of 104 pieces, all handmade by the amazing Aaron Schmersal as part of his “Thesis’s Folly” series. The board is made out of 4 different kinds of wood, has copper inlay, and forged wrought iron nails on the 7×7 grid (because everyone should know better than to try to play on 7s–you want Chandrian? This is how you get Chandrian). This board is numbered 1 out of 3.

  • 4×4 grid : blood wood
  • 5×5 grid : purple heart
  • 6×6 grid : yellow heart
  • 7×7 grid : forged wrought iron nails (Because Chandrian)
  • 8×8 grid : Jatoba
  • Edge border : purple heart
  • Inlay : copper

Worldbuilders is very grateful to AS Wood for this donation.