The Bed Song Book, from Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer

Author: Amanda Palmer & Neil Gaiman
Artist: Kyle Cassidy
Quantity: 1
Format: Hardcover, in box
Signed: Yes
Limited: 8/159
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The Bed Song Book was produced as part of an Amanda Palmer Kickstarter project, and was specifically designed to be “the most mind-boggling book anybody could ever own.” Inspired by Amanda Palmer’s “The Bed Song,” this gorgeous book is full of photographs by Kyle Cassidy, and features Neil Gaiman’s original script as well as a pair of essays.

This is truly a collector’s piece, and since it was limited to the Kickstarter, you may never have another chance to get your hands on this gorgeous book. This copy is signed by Amanda, Neil, and Kyle, and is numbered 8/159.

Neta was kind enough to donate this beautiful piece of art, but she wanted to make sure it went into the lottery, where anyone could win it. So donate just $10, and this could be yours!