Signed copy of Neil Gaiman’s Angels and Visitations hardcover!


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Signed hardcover of Neil Gaiman’s Angels & Visitations!

A collection of writings from Neil Gaiman, signed by the author

“This is not, strictly speaking, a short story collection, although you’ll find ten short stories in it, stories written over the last ten years. But you’ll find other things too…”

A collection of Neil Gaiman’s short fiction; an odd assortment of enigmatic and wonderful tales- including Troll Bridge, Chivalry and Cold Colours – to amuse and delight, illustrated by Charles Vess, P. Craig Russell, Jill Carla Schwarz, Michael Zulli, and Randy Broecker.


  • The Song of the Audience
  • Introduction
  • Chivalry
  • Nicholas Was…
  • Babycakes
  • Troll-Bridge
  • Vampire Sestina
  • Webs
  • Six to Six
  • A Prologue
  • Foreign Parts
  • Cold Colours
  • Luther’s Villanelle
  • Mouse
  • Gumshoe
  • The Case of the Four and Twenty Blackbirds
  • Virus
  • Looking for the Girl
  • Post-Mortem on Our Love
  • Being an Experiment Upon Strictly Scientific Lines
  • We Can Get Them For You Wholesale
  • The Mystery of Father Brown
  • Murder Mysteries

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