Sherwood Smith will read/critique up to 150,000 words of your fantasy manuscript


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Sherwood Smith

Sherwood Smith will read & critique up to 150,000 words of your fantasy manuscript!

As the title says, Sherwood Smith will read up to 150,000 words of your fantasy story. She has been workshopping many years, and has been teaching at Viable Paradise focusing on the strengths and weaknesses of visual writers. She will provide valuable advice and constructive criticism, backed by years of personal and professional experience.

Sherwood Smith is the author of the Inda series, the Crown & Court series, and co-author with Rachel Manija Brown of the brilliant YA series Change. She will read your fantasy manuscript, up to 150,000 words, and critique it, giving you her opinions on everything from character and pacing to plot and more. She’s a brilliant writer who creates memorable characters and intricate worlds. She’s also been workshopping for years, and teaching at the Viable Paradise science fiction and fantasy writers’ workshop.

Sherwood Smith began her publishing career in 1986, writing for adults, young adults and middle grade. To date she’s published over forty books. She’s also written short fiction, screenplays, media tie-ins, and collaborated with several authors, including Andre Norton. One of her books was an Anne Lindbergh Honor Book; she’s twice been a finalist for the Mythopoeic Fantasy Award and is a Nebula finalist. Sherwood Smith earned an M.A. in history, and worked for several years in film and tv production in Hollywood before becoming a teacher for twenty years, working with children from second grade to high school. She specialized in literature, history, and drama. She still does writing workshops at schools and conventions, and reviews at Goodreads.

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Worldbuilders is very grateful to Sherwood Smith for this donation.