Prongles point-of-purchase display from Cards Against Humanity!


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Cards Against Humanity

Original point of purchase display for Cards Against Humanity’s Prongles snack crisps!

As part of their 2017 Black Friday plan, well-known game-makers Cards Against Humanity gave up the game-making business to follow their true passion: joining the global snack food industry. They launched this initiative with Prongles, “salty, savory flavorbombs” that have an almost-but-not-quite startling similarity to another popular snack crisp.

Prongles have now sold out nationwide, but here, as the winning bidder for this Prongles cardboard store display, you will additionally get 6 cans of Onions and Cream Prongles! (Please note we can’t guarantee the integrity of any of the delicate, delicate chips.)

The store display is fully made of cardboard, and will come unassembled in new condition. (Photos of the assembled display are for reference only – the winner will receive a never-before-assembled display.) When assembled, the display measures approximately 68” tall, 23” wide, and 27” deep. It holds two 18” x 12” compartments for all your Prongles (or otherwise) storage needs.

The 6 cans of Prongles each measure approximately 9” tall, with a 3” diameter. Also, they are green (please see photos for greenness).

Worldbuilders is very grateful to Cards Against Humanity for this donation.