Author: Patrick Rothfuss
Artist: Nate Taylor
Quantity: 5
Format: Hardcover
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Patrick Rothfuss

The Princess and Mr. Whiffle is Pat’s best worst-kept secret: a kids’ book for grownups with a twisted sense of humor. A clear favorite at Pat’s live appearances, The Princess and Mr. Whiffle books are fun genre-defying, trope-upending books that each have three different endings. In the first book, The Thing Beneath the Bed, the endings get progressively darker. If you’re reading to a child, we recommend you stop at the first ending. In the second book, The Dark of Deep Below, each ending gets progressively more epic. Nate Taylor’s classic, black and white storybook art fits Pat’s stories perfectly, and you may need to re-read them a few times to catch everything. We’ll have five sets of both books in our lottery for anyone to win!