Author: James A. Burton
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Time is growing short—at least as mortals measure time. His kind broke the balance. Now he must repair it…or our world shatters.

Even gods have limits.

Albert Johannson’s forgotten more than he remembers about his past, but two things he’s sure of: he’s lived a long, long time, and he doesn’t trust anyone, particularly gods. He’s not too fond of demons either, particularly the one that shows up in his kitchen looking for help with a supernatural investigation. Albert’s a strangely gifted blacksmith, not a P.I., but crossing a demon can be deadly, so he reluctantly takes the job—which puts him in the path of a prickly arson detective named Melissa el Hajj who has trust issues of her own. Clashing at a crime scene, they uncover an ancient wrought-iron hexagram, a broken relic as old as Solomon. The thing may herald catastrophe unless Albert can mend it—but Albert has yet to grasp just what his special powers really mean . . .