PENNY ARCADE Daughters of Eyrewood 5 comic prints, ALL SIGNED by the guys!


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 Penny Arcade

Penny Arcade Daughters of the Eyrewood, 5 signed prints for you to frame and love forever!

For those of you who love Penny Arcade, we have a great art auction just  for you. Gabe and Tycho sent us an awesome care package containing beautiful prints of the Daughters of the Eyrewood: The Judging Wood. All prints are signed by Penny Arcade creators Gabe and Tycho.

Daughters of the Eyrewood: The Judging Wood (Prints, Parts 1-5):
Each of these five prints are signed by both Gabe and Tycho and digitally printed on heavy 12 inch x 18 inch 110# paper. These five prints collect all the pages of The Judging Wood comics which involves an encounter between both a Daughters of the Eyrewood story and a Lookout.

Worldbuilders is very grateful to Penny Arcade for this donation.


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