Paciencia y Fe, In the Heights cross stitch by Alyshondra Meacham


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Alyshondra Meacham

Handmade In the Heights inspired cross stitch Paciencia y Fe, ready to hang!

Designed, stitched, and finished by incredible creative person Alyshondra, this is the perfect display piece for anyone who fell in love with Lin Manuel Miranda’s In the Heights. Some details from Alyshondra:

“Ain’t no Cassiopeia in Washington Heights!” From In The Heights by our most beloved Lin-Manuel Miranda. All are summer constellations: The Big Dipper, Cassiopeia, Scorpius, Corona Borealis, and Bootes. My inner Pedantic Astronomer says that in the sky,  Bootes is on the other side of Corona Borealis, but that’s not how the design worked. I don’t know if Abuela Claudia did cross stitch, but if she did, she might have made one like this.

Cross stitch comes finished in the 7-inch hoop, ready for display. (Alyshondra humbly suggests hanging it from a ribbon.)

Worldbuilders is very grateful to the boundlessly creative Alyshondra Meacham for this donation.