Original Echo Chernik artwork: Abenthy, signed by Echo


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Marc Jarvi

Original “Abenthy” artwork by Echo Chernik, signed by the artist!

As debuted in the Name of the Wind Art Deck Kickstarter, this is one of Echo Chernik‚Äôs original art pieces featuring Abenthy, the Selas Deck Joker. This is a mixed media oil piece painted onto on cradled gesso board, measuring approximately 9″x11″x1 1/2″.

Echo Chernik rarely has original oil paintings available, which makes this lovingly painted card that much more special and rare. Starting with an underpainting, the finished piece is painted in oils, signed by the artist, and varnished by hand.

The original has variations from the printed card deck, as the printed product was digitally aligned and produced for perfect symmetry. The oil painting has details not seen in the printed card and may even have some non-reproducible oil paint colors.

Worldbuilders is very grateful to Marc Jarvi for this donation.