Numenera Starter Set

Creator: Monte Cook Games
Quantity: 396
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Monte Cook Games

This award-winning game (we told you!) has what we love about gaming: story and discovery. It’s like they set out to deliberately get the game itself out of your way while you play it. Imagine an RPG with the focus on exploration, set crazy-far into the future. It’s an open-ended world with amazing possibility, and all you have to do is start telling the story. The Ninth World will suck you in with all its possibilities, dangers, and exotic critters/magic/tech/landscapes/guys everything in this game is exotic, and it will keep you there with its simple, democratic game play. There are rules, but just enough to get everyone on a level playing field. There’s a game master, of course, but it’s to everyone’s benefit that the GM receives and implements suggestions, feedback, and story ideas from the players. There’s so much room to explore the game that you can bend the whole thing to your will if you work as a group.
It’s an engrossing RPG where the world is way more vast than the rulebook. And we love that.