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Anna Smith Spark

Name a character in Anna Smith Spark’s next book!

Anna is offering the chance to name a character in the first novel in her new series. The name will need to conform to the basic grammar of her language systems, but will be otherwise entirely the winning bidder’s own choice. Anna cannot however guarantee that the character won’t (a) die horribly (b) kill someone horribly (c) develop a raging drink and drug habit (d) be eaten by a dragon.

Anna Smith Spark is the author of the critically acclaimed, Gemmell and BSF awards shortlisted Empires of Dust grimdark epic fantasy series The Court of Broken Knives, The Tower of Living and Dying and The House of Sacrifice (HarperVoyager UK / Orbit US/Can). Her favourite authors are Mary Renault, R Scott Bakker and M. John Harrison. Previous jobs include English teacher, petty bureaucrat and fetish model. You may know her by the heels of her shoes.

Find Anna on Twitter: @queenofgrimdark
And Facebook: Anna Smith Spark

At the end of the auction, we will contact the winner to arrange the service.

Worldbuilders is very grateful to Anna Smith Spark for this donation.