Myke Cole will use your name (or one you choose) in his upcoming SF novel!


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Myke Cole

Get your name immortalized in Myke Cole’s upcoming sci-fi novel!

We’re thrilled to offer a tuckerization from Myke Cole in his upcoming science fiction novel about the future US Coast Guard on the moon – 16th Watch, coming in 2020 from Angry Robot. Myke will use your name (or a name you specify), working with you to make sure the name fits the world and everyone’s happy. It’s a great way to be immortalized in literature!

Myke Cole is the author of THE SACRED THRONE trilogy (THE ARMORED SAINT, THE QUEEN OF CROWS, THE KILLING LIGHT) from Tor. He’s also the author of the REAWAKENING and SHADOW OPS trilogies from Ace/Roc. His first work of military history, LEGION VERSUS PHALANX was published this month by Osprey. He starred on CBS’ show HUNTED, where he tracked fugitives across the SE US.

At the end of the auction, we will contact the winner to arrange the service.

Worldbuilders is very grateful to Myke Cole for this donation.