Lovely signed hardcover of Jonathan Ying’s Curiosities


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Jonathan Ying

Signed hardcover of Curiosities by Jonathan Ying!

This wonderful hardcover is gorgeously illustrated by husband-and-wife art team Mike Yamada and Victoria Ying, and written by Jonathan Ying. It tells the enchanting story of two siblings who inherit an odd old house and explore generations of accumulated wonder.

The book is hardcover, clothbound, and signed and doodled by Jonathan Ying.

Curiosities is our fully illustrated 88-page hardcover storybook. It tells the story of a pair of kids who inherit a spooky old house from a long lost uncle. The house is full to bursting with mysterious doo-dads and trinkets. Each room being a strange, personally-curated monument to a crazy ancestor. A Cabinet of Curiosities!

Worldbuilders is very grateful to Jonathan Ying for this donation.