Lot of 296 original Hellraiser comics, bagged & ready to go!


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Christopher & Sheri Daley

Lot of 296 original issues of Hellraiser!

This massive, nearly-complete collection of the Hellblazer comic series features 296 issues: 1-51, 53-261, 263-288, 289-293, 295-300. (For complete clarity, that means this auction DOES NOT contain issues 52, 262, 289, or 294.)

Each comic is individually bagged and boarded, and looks to be in excellent condition. As these were donated from a personal collection, Worldbuilders cannot certify the exact condition of each issue.

From issue #1:

From out of the pages of Swamp Thing comes John Constantine: man of mystery, risk-taker, thrill-seeker, master of the supernatural! After leading Swamp Thing through dark journeys in the legendary ‘American Gothic’ saga, this man obsessed with power and driven by inner demons sets off on his own excursions into the dark corners of the world. Constantine’s knowledge of the occult is his stock in trade and his influence upon the supernatural realms makes him the only man to call when the horrors beyond our mortal realm threaten! Not that he’s always successful in his missions…a man like John Constantine has many past failures that are always haunting him…literally! In this special 40-page premiere issue, Constantine must travel from the heart of London to the jungles of Africa and to a church in Greenwich Village…all in search of a deadly, insatiable spirit which consumes whatever and whoever crosses its path! Written by Jamie Delano, with art by John Ridgway, and a painted cover by Dave McKean.

Worldbuilders is very grateful to Christopher & Sheri Daley for this donation.