Jim Butcher’s personal Harry Dresden Force Ring sterling silver prototype SIGNED


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Creator: Badali Jewelers
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Jim Butcher



Jim Butcher’s personal Force Ring prototype from Badali Jewelry

Have we got a story for you!

This sterling silver prototype of Harry Dresden’s Force Ring was given to Jim Butcher by Badali Jewelry for his approval during development. He approved it, of course, and he liked it enough that wore the prototype for a couple years, including the entire time he wrote Skin Game.

This summer while he was at the Salt Lake Comic Con, he returned it to Badali Jewelry because he was downsizing his collection and figured someone might want it. He even signed the display box for it, since it’s tough to autograph a ring. Badali turned right around (literally, we were in the booth right behind them) and gave it to us for this year’s fundraiser.

So this auction is for Jim’s very own Force Ring, which sat on his finger while Skin Game was created and polished. It has some light scuffing and patina, as well as a number of dings, as one would expect from two years of use.

The ring is a size 12 (US) because Jim has manly fingers.

We’re crazy jealous of the winner of this auction. Not only do you get a cool ring, but you get to own a piece of Dresden Files history!

Worldbuilders is very grateful to Badali Jewelry and Jim Butcher for this donation.


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