Harry Dresden’s© Pentacle Necklace with Ruby – Sterling Silver

Creator: Badali Jewelers
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Badali Jewelers

Inspired from the pages of The Dresden Files © by Jim Butcher, the Badali Jewelry artists have designed and created Harry Dresden’s © Pentacle Necklace with Ruby.  Each pendant is skillfully crafted in sterling silver, hand finished, and individually inspected for the highest quality.  The center of the pentacle is set with Margaret LaFay’s © ruby, a lab grown ruby with faceted with a star on the top of the stone.  Harry’s Pentacle is an officially licensed Dresden Filesreplica through Jim Butcher.

The pentacle necklace was passed down to Harry from his mother, Margaret LaFay ©.  The pentacle is an ancient symbol of white wizardry, a symbol of order, and of the controlled patterns at the heart of white magic.  The pentacle’s power comes from its shape – the five forces of the universe laid into patterns of order and life, working together in harmony, and bound within a circle of human thought and human will.

Harry frequently uses his pentacle as a talisman, representing his belief and faith in magic as and force for good and life.  The pentacle has the power to repel certain creatures of the Nevernever ©.  When infused with Harry’s will, the pentacle glows with a low blue light.  Harry describes the pentacle as a “symbol of order with five points and five sides representing the forces of air, earth, water, fire, and spirit.  It is contained within a circle, the points touching the outer ring. It represents the forces of magic bound within human control. Power balanced with restraint.”©

In Changes, Harry is gifted a small pentagon shaped ruby left to him by his mother.  The ruby was held in trust and delivered to Harry by the Leanansidhe ©, a faerie of the Winter Court © and Harry’s faerie godmother.  When the stone is affixed to the center of his pentacle, the ruby grants him access to his mothers’ knowledge of the Ways through the Nevernever.  Harry is warned that this knowledge could be his downfall, but he takes the stone out of the need to protect his friends.