Handmade marble & copper Tak board with raised wooden frame!


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Pat Rothfuss

Handmade marble Tak board with solid copper base and gilded frame!

One of Pat’s fans made this beautiful Tak board out of marble tile, framed it in a gold-gilded wood border, and set it all on a solid copper base. The playing area is 11″ square, while the entire board has a 13″x13″ footprint overall. The base is a single, solid sheet of 1/8″ thick copper, and the tiles are all three different colors of marble. This thing is HEAVY. It looks like an in-world artifact that you might find in a higher court. We love that the surface is a little uneven, the copper is starting to develop a beautiful patina, and you can see a few stress fractures in the marble–the whole thing looks like it’s had thousands of games played on it.

We think it would pair very nicely with stone pieces, but if this is going to be your Tak board, you can use whatever pieces you like.

Worldbuilders is very grateful to Pat Rothfuss for this donation.


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