Gold Society Pendant – Sterling Silver, Gold Enamel

Artist: Badali Jewelry
Quantity: 1
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Badali Jewelry

In Pierce Brown’s science fiction series, Red Rising, humanity has created a social order ranked by color codes.  Golds are the highest, Reds are the lowest.  The Gold Society is made up of the super intelligent leaders of humanity.  The Badali Jewelry artists have created the Gold symbol as a sterling silver pendant available with a gold enameled finish.   The Gold Society pendant is officially licensed with Pierce Brown.

The Gold symbol pendant measures approximately 32.4 mm (1 1/4″) wide, 13.2 mm (1/2″) tall, and 2.5 mm (just over 1/16″) thick.  Weighs approximately 3.6 grams.  The back of the pendant is textured and stamped with our makers mark, copyright, and metal content – sterling.