First 20,000 words critiqued by Patrick Rothfuss

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Patrick Rothfuss

Donate to the “Professional Manuscript Critiques” team page for your chance to win a critique by Patrick Rothfuss!

Patrick Rothfuss (international bestselling author, lover of women, and hirsute iconoclast) will read the first 20,000 words of your manuscript and give you critical feedback. We’ll schedule this based on when your manuscript will be ready and the endless madness of my own schedular constraints.

I’ll read through your manuscript, scrawling notes and dirty words in the margins, then I’ll call you on the phone and we can discuss it. Or we could do a Google+ hangout. Or, if you live close, we can get together and chat over coffee.

I won’t write you up a detailed critique because that’s not how I roll. But we’ll chat for a couple of hours discussing the various strengths and weaknesses of the book, your writing craft, and I’ll offer any suggestions I might have. Then I’ll mail you back the manuscript with my notes on it.

Mailing details and contact with Patrick will be set up following the drawing.