Cards Against Humanity Bundle

Creator: Cards Against Humanity
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Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity Mega-Pack!

A whole pile of Cards Against Humanity for all your horrible-person gaming needs.

We promised not to publicly talk about how genuinely nice all of the folks at Cards Against Humanity are, so instead we’re obligated to say that they’re terrible people who didn’t generously send us a ridiculous amount of expansion packs for their terrible game.

If you, too, are a terrible person who likes playing games, get everything you need to play the self-described party game for horrible people – and then some. You’ll get the base game, all three expansions, 19 booster packs, and one giant black box to store it all in.

Included in this auction are the following:

  • Cards Against Humanity base game
  • Green Box Expansion
  • Red Box Expansion
  • Blue Box Expansion
  • The Bigger, Blacker Box
  • College Pack
  • Dad Pack
  • Your Shitty Jokes
  • The Theatre Pack
  • 2012 Holiday Pack
  • 2013 Holiday Pack
  • 2014 Holiday Pack
  • Science Pack
  • 90s Nostalgia Pack
  • Fantasy Pack
  • Sci-Fi Pack
  • Period Pack
  • World Wide Web Pack
  • Weed Pack
  • Jew Pack
  • Geek Pack
  • Pride Pack
  • Design Pack
  • Cards Against Humanity Saves America Pack

Worldbuilders is very grateful to the wonderful horrible people at Cards Against Humanity for this donation.