Caesura, Kvothe’s Ademic sword, WITH ORIGINAL SCABBARD – VERY LIMITED


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Caesura, Kvothe’s sword, with original, scabbard (seriously)!

Own Kvothe’s sword with an original scabbard made exclusively for Worldbuilders! When Jalic was working with Pat to perfect Caesura, everyone decided that as a display piece the sword would not come with a scabbard (why hide such a cool sword?). When they sent Pat the sword, they also included a one-of-a-kind leather scabbard made specifically for Caesura, because they’re amazing like that. Then they got more amazing…

For last year’s fundraiser, Jalic made a beautiful scabbard for Caesura based on the one-off display scabbard they’d made for Pat. We auctioned it and donated the money to Heifer International.

Then Kyle, the winner of last year’s auction, was wonderful enough to re-donate both the sword and the exclusive scabbard! That makes this auction pretty darn special, since you get a beautiful sword, the COA signed by Pat, and Caesura’s official scabbard, which you literally can’t get anywhere else!

This is the exclusive officially licensed Caesura  from “The Kingkiller Chronicle” All swords come with a certificate of authenticity personally autographed by Patrick Rothfuss.  This is a first edition of 5000 pieces, and each item will be engraved with the edition number (this sword is #0761).

IMPORTANT, READ THIS: This sword is for display only, and is not a toy. Please keep away from children, especially the pointy part, but it’s heavy, too.

35 inches, 1040 high carbon steel, antique patina
45 inches
2 inches
Antique brass plated handle parts, genuine leather grip

Worldbuilders is very grateful to Kyle for spreading the love with this donation.