Bridge Four™ Earrings – Blue Enamel

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Badali Jewelers

Inspired from the pages of The Stormlight Archive™ series by Brandon Sanderson, the Badali Jewelry artists have created the Bridge Four Badge Earrings.  The Stormlight Archive cufflinks are skillfully handcrafted in sterling silver, carefully hand finished, and individually inspected for the highest quality.  The Bridge Four earrings are officially licensed Stormlight Archive jewelry with Brandon Sanderson.

The name “Bridge Four” was once used derisively among the army of Highprince Sadeas™ to describe the bridgemen of the Bridge Four crew.  Bridge Four  was the worst crew to be assigned to due to their remarkably high mortality rate.  The role of the bridgemen were to carry large mobile bridges for the enlisted soldiers to cross the chasms of The Shattered Plains™ during battle.  Under the leadership of Kaladin™, Bridge Four becomes the most innovative and successful crew of Sadeas’ army.  Kaladin and the Bridge Four crew later become the Honor Guard for Highprince Dalinar™ and his family.  The Bridge Four Badge was designed by Kaladin for the men to wear on the shoulder of their new uniforms.  The insignia combines the glyph Vev, meaning the number four, above the glyph Gesheh, meaning bridge, and is stylized to resemble a bridge spanning a chasm.