Creator: Benjamin Read & Chris Wildgoose
Artist: Chris Wildgoose
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Trapped behind an impassable wall of enchanted briar, Layka has been cursed by the shadow-sorcerer, Celik. Her one hope lies with Kaye, The Knight of Thorns, who searches for a way to break the curse and set her free.

Set within a time of myth and fairy tale, BRIAR follows the story of Princess Layka, who seeks an end to the curse that keeps her shut off from the world. Trapped for years behind the enchanted barrier of the briar, she awaits her one true knight, Kaye, who has been tasked with the quest to break the curse and set her free.

Inspired by European myth and folklore, BRIAR is an episodic series of nested stories woven into the fabric of Layka and Kaye’s ceaseless quest.

Suggested for Young Adults and Above.