A Book from John Scalzi’s Trove

Author: So many
Quantity: 2,500
Format: all of it
Signed: maybe
Limited: could be!
Donated by:

John Scalzi

At Gen Con this year, we made a detour to go visit John Scalzi and raid his basement for all the books he’s been given over the years. These are books sent to him by authors or publishers, with the hopes that he might read or review them – advanced copies, first edition, signed copies, limited editions. Of course, John can only read so much, and his house can only store so many books, so he was happy to donate literally thousands of books to us, so that we could find new homes for them!

You can read the whole tale here, but if you win one of these prizes, know that you’ll get a new book, or a new series. It might be limited, it might be signed (it might even be signed to John, so if that’s your name, then jackpot!), it might be rare. No matter what, it’s guaranteed to be awesome.