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Jaime Lee Moyer

Name a character in Jaime Lee Moyer’s new upcoming book!

Jaime Lee Moyer was wonderful enough to offer us TWO opportunities for fans to be included in her upcoming work!  This is the second auction, for one name.

About the project, Jaime says, “The book is still untitled, but it’s a twisted telling of the Joan of Arc story set in 1400s France at the end of the 100 years war. Male or female, noble or peasant, English or French. The French King was named Charles, and the duke opposing him was a Frenchman named John, so most European names won’t be a stretch. I can always invent a character visiting from another part of the world too.”

For another shot at getting a character named after you or a loved one, or if you’d like naming rights for TWO characters in Jaime’s upcoming book, the second auction is over here. [LINK]

Jaime Lee Moyer is a speculative fiction writer, poet and editor. Jaime is the author of Delia’s Shadow (Tor, September 2013), A Barricade In Hell (Tor, June 2014) and Against A Brightening Sky (October 2015). Delia’s Shadow won the 2009 Columbus Literary Award for Fiction, administered by Thurber House and funded by the Columbus Art Council, and is nominated for the Salt Lake County Libraries Reader’s Choice Award. She doesn’t take herself nearly as seriously as those credits imply. Jaime’s short fiction has appeared in Daily Science Fiction, Lone Star Stories, and two of the well-respected Triangulations anthologies. She was the editor of the 2010 Rhysling Anthology for the Science Fiction Poetry Association, and a poetry and short fiction editor for a semi-pro zine for five years. Jaime is the current editor for the Online Writing Workshop For Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror monthly newsletter. For a short period of time she read slush for a literary agent, and has critiqued more novels and short stories than she wants to count.

At the end of the auction, we will contact the winner to arrange the service.

Worldbuilders is very grateful to Jaime Lee Moyer for this donation.