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True Dungeon Tokens & Modules: All 2017 Common/ Uncommon/ Rare Tokens!  


The Moongate Maze—

This adventure takes place immediately after the end of the second adventure presented in 2016 at Gen Con.  At the end of of the 2016 adventure, the party fled from the onslaught of an evil Eye Tyrant by jumping into the plane-hopping portal recently opened by an evil mind flayer.  Unlike the mind flayer, the party did not have time to grab a Returning Gem. Finding a way back home from the mysterious plane they have been deposited in marks the start of the first adventure presented at Gen Con 2017.

Room One of this module opens in the dark fairy land of the Fae, after the party has arrived via the magic portal and have wandered around for a bit.  Their presence was detected, and they have been brought before a Fae noble named Felurian-to have their fates determined.


Dancing Among Stones—

This adventure takes pace immediately after the end of the first adventure presented in the 2017-2018 adventure season.  At the end of the first module, the party has successfully navigated themselves through the Moongate Maze, and they have been teleported to the realm of Temerant.  It is home to the characters and events of the Kingkiller Chronicle, and the adventure starts outside the village of Newarre where the players will meet a dash figure known as Bast.  He will be standing next to an old lightning-struck tree known as the Lightning Tree which for some strange reason seems to be linked to the Fae.


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