Asha’man Dragon Pin™ – 24k Gold Plated Bronze

Creator: Badali Jewelers
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Badali Jewelers

Inspired from the pages of The Wheel of Time ® series by Robert Jordan, the Asha’man Dragon Pin™ is skillfully crafted in bronze then barrel plated in 24k gold.  Each Dragon Pin is carefully hand finished and individually inspected for the highest quality by the Badali Jewelry artists.  The Asha’man Dragon Pin is an officially licensed Wheel of Timereplica through The BanderSnatch Group, Robert Jordan’s estate.  The design for the pin was approved by Robert Jordan.

The dragon pin was awarded to male channelers trained in The Black Tower™ when promoted to the level of full Asha’man, a level similar to full Aes Sedai™ for female channelers trained in the White Tower™ of Tar Valon.  The dragon pin was worn on the right collar of the black coats of the Asha’man along with the Sword pin of the Dedicated™ on the opposite collar.  The pins were created and originally distributed by Rand al’Thor™, The Dragon Reborn™.