Summer Fundraiser FAQ

Our summer Geeks Doing Good fundraiser has a few changes for 2018 – instead of running the fundraiser on Indiegogo, everything for the fundraiser is at our online store, Worldbuilders Market (formerly The Tinker’s Packs). At the store, you’ll be able to see all our new products in glorious detail, as well as getting amazing deals on some of your favorite existing products. And if you’ve joined us for a previous Geeks Doing Good, here’s the best news: you’ll get a fully-functional shopping cart! No more checking out for each individual product – your shopping experience should be smooth and seamless.

If you have any questions not answered here, feel free to email us at and we’ll help.

Up until 2018, we ran this fundraiser on Indiegogo. We have some exciting changes coming with this year’s fundraiser, though – this year you’ll be able to shop at Worldbuilders Market (formerly The Tinker’s Packs) and get yourself a mix of brand new products and your favorite goods!

The fundraiser only lasts a week (June 4-11), and is a whirlwind of geeky goodies!

Once the fundraiser ends, there’s a lull while we get things manufactured and shipped out. We’ll keep you updated on the fulfillment timetable on our blog.

That’s easier than ever this year! Just add everything you want to your shopping cart, and complete the checkout process. Done and done!

They do! Since we can now figure out how much it will cost to send those heavy bundles anywhere, as long as you’re willing to pay shipping, we’re willing to send you bundles!

Every $5 JoCoCruise donation of this perk gets you an entry into a contest for a cabin on the JoCo Cruise 2019. Multiple donations get you multiple entries – you get one entry for every $5 you pledge for this product, whether it’s one $20 pledge or four $5 pledges (both examples get you four entries). After the fundraiser, JoCo staff will randomly select a winner.

PLEASE NOTE: You will get entries only for money spent on the specific JoCo Cruise product.

Unfortunately, no. Since you will be receiving a product or service, most places won’t allow for this to be tax-deductible.

Exceptions are for any simple money donations added at checkout – since you will not be receiving anything in exchange for that donation, these are tax-deductible. If you add on a donation at checkout, you’ll be emailed a separate donation receipt for tax purposes.

That’s easy! Just drop us a line at or and let us know who you are and what your new address is. We’ll update your order to make sure you get your stuff.

The short answer: you should have most of your perks arriving in one box before Christmas…. barring any complications. We’ll let you know if there are any delays.

The more complex answer: we’ll be trying to ship everyone’s perks in consolidated packages. Since many of the perks are preorders, we place orders with our manufacturers right away at the end of the fundraiser. There are different production times for different products, so some things arrive right away, while others can take a few months to make.

While we’re waiting for (and coordinating) production of the perks, we’re updating addresses and doing a lot of pre-shipment organization to make sure we can ship thousands of items in the most efficient way possible.

As soon as we have everything in the building, we start packing boxes, and send out big waves of orders. Once we start shipping, the entire process takes us about a month – there are only six of us, so each box is hand-packed with care, love, and geekiness.

After the packages leave our doors, everything is in the hands of our shipping service. We use a bulk shipper to save on shipping costs, but this means shipping can take a little longer – the average is 2-4 weeks in the US, and 4-8 weeks for all other countries.

What a good follow up question! Since everything is now run through Worldbuilders Market, you’ll get an email with your tracking info once your package has shipped. It’s easier than ever!