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True SEO Heroes Unite!

So here's a cool thing...

There's a company called Wix who issued a challenge: beat them to the top of Google's search list for the term "seo hero" by April, and they'll give you $50,000. "SEO" stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is a fancy way of saying your content is Google friendly and people will find it toward the top of any search results list for your chosen keywords. You guys know where to find us, so why are we interested it a contest aimed at the SEO community? Well, that's where it gets interesting.

A Worldbuilders supporter named Brian Wood launched a website to join the contest, with the twist that if he wins, he will donate the $50k to Worldbuilders. It's a long shot, but we kind of like those, and it's a cool contest--not so much an information war as an information race. And you guys can all help!

If you have a website or blog or other such web presence, write a post about the contest and link to Brian's Site (you can cut and paste this if you want: The more his site is linked to, the more traffic Google will register. He explains it way better than we could, so head over to his site for some light reading. He also has cool looking True SEO Hero badges you can embed in your post, which also helps quite a bit. If you don't have a site or blog you can use, post about the contest on Facebook and Twitter. It takes a team of folks to tweak search results, so literally everybody can help just by getting people's attention.

He has a hashtag on Twitter (#trueseohero) so you can follow and tweet about the contest. Everything is up in April, and we'll see how we rank! Can we win? Sure we can. Will we? Um, YES! Also, when was the last time you got to participate in a virtual race/scavenger hunt with $50k up for grabs? It'll be fun, it's a little different, and we've got nothing to lose. And it's a fascinating way to learn how Google comes up with the results it displays when you search for stuff.

Thanks everybody! Have fun optimizing the engines of search, and remember, you're in good company!