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True Dungeon needs you in Temerant!

From time to time, we auction off or give away tickets to play True Dungeon at Gen Con with Pat and a bunch of other folks. It's a fun thing to do because True Dungeon is SO COOL. But what if, instead of playing the game, you could be PART OF TRUE DUNGEON? And better yet, part of True Dungeon that takes place IN PAT'S WORLD?

Salivating yet? Wipe your face and read on!

This year, True Dungeon's 15th anniversary theme is Temerant, the world in Pat's Kingkiller Chronicles. Players will be able to spend two hours playing live-action Dungeons & Dragons with the situations, mythology, and monsters featured in The Name of the Wind and The Wise Man's Fear. And better yet, True Dungeon will be donating $16,000 to Worldbuilders from their ticket sales!

Okay, so: What is True Dungeon?

 True Dungeon is a live action role playing experience where players are immersed in an adventure complete with costumed NPCs, detailed sets, interactive props, and challenging puzzles. It's crazy fun. Even folks who aren't into D&D (we know, right?) find it thoroughly enjoyable. Memorize symbols to cast spells. Fight monsters using their cool battle system. Equip your character with armor, weapons, and magic items in the form of full-color collectible tokens (that you keep as treasure when you're done). Solve difficult puzzles with the help of your teammates. It's a whole awesome thing.

This year, there are two True Dungeon quests, one in the Fae realm, and one centering on a certain music-free bar in Newarre. Rub elbows (and cross swords) with characters and monsters in Pat's book, some of which haven't yet made it into print!

Now: What was all that about being "PART OF TRUE DUNGEON?"

True Dungeon needs volunteers to play characters, act as Dungeon Masters, operate props, and help build the event on site at Gen Con, which runs from August 17-20, 2017 (and probably before then, because rehearsals are a thing). You don't need to be a fan of Pat's or even a fan of D&D in general, you just need a passion for bringing fantastic worlds to life and helping folks have amazing fun. True Dungeon will cover your lodging and provide you with a food stipend and convention badge. So if you wanted to do something awesome at Gen Con this year, join True Dungeon and help them celebrate Gen Con's 50th anniversary by bringing Temerant to life! ....and then killing stuff in it.

To join True Dungeon's family of over 250 volunteers at this year's Gen Con, go to and see what's up. Awesomeness guaranteed!

Check out their 2017 video for a great overview of True Dungeon behind-the-scenes: