Square Bowl IV: Chrono Cross

Out of everyone in the office, Amanda is the big football fan, so she’ll probably be watching the Super Bowl on February 2nd. But she admitted she’ll be torn, and might need to have a couple screens going, since none of us want to miss:

Square Bowl IV: Chrono Cross

That’s right, professional game designers Adriel Wallick and Teddy Dief are teaming up on Twitch to play the 1999 Square Enix classic RPG Chrono Cross start to finish in 48 hours. For the past few years, they’ve been running this even where they get to 1) have fun playing an awesome game for a whole weekend, and 2) raise money for charity. This year, they’ve chosen to raise funds for Worldbuilders, and we couldn’t be more excited–in 2016, they raised funds for AbleGamers Charity, and 2017 was for Doctors Without Borders, so we’re in excellent company. How are they raising money for charity by playing video games, you may ask. The answer is pretty simple: Tiltify!

By donating to Square Bowl IV through their Tiltify page, you’ll be entered to win game codes, and you’ll have the opportunity to suggest a name for their protagonist during the marathon. More incentives will be announced soon. All the money donated via the Tiltify page will go to Worldbuilders to help us with our year-round operations, as we support humanitarian efforts worldwide to make the world a better place.

Adriel and Teddy will also be joined by a bunch of other folks who create video games for a living, from writers to voice actors to other game designers. They’ll provide extra commentary and observations during the game, and they’ve also agreed to accept dares from the audience. Visit the Square Bowl website to see who will be there!

So even if you take some time to watch the Super Bowl, the Square Bowl will be running long after the final whistle blows at the US Bank Stadium. You’re more than welcome to join us for the real Big Game and find out for yourself if Chrono Cross really holds up. We’re going to guess right now that it’s not as good as we remember, but still way better than it should be. That’s just how Square rolls. We can’t wait to find out!

Big thanks to Adriel and Teddy for organizing everything!


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