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Bag's Opinion

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Okay, so a while ago, we announced our first (and to date, only) employee of the month. We sang the praises of Bag, our hardworking, reliable co-worker who's always there when we need him. And while he doesn't appear in many promotional photos, a lot of you have been asking about him. Since we're all about sharing our day-to-day with you guys, we're proud to introduce Bag into the comic this week, doing what he does with his signature grace and wit.

Also, Bag is apparently a Ravenclaw.

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If you'll forgive us, we're gonna go a little Wisconsin this week. The love of the Green Bay Packers is strong here, though most Packers fans will admit the team isn't perfect. However, we tend to love them for all their merits and flaws, and there are certain flavors, like the Lambeau Leap, that unite us and delight us, pretty much across the board.

In Stevens Point, we have something besides the Packers to rile us up: the annual 90FM Trivia Contest! We've mentioned it before, but Point hosts the world's largest trivia contest (seriously) every April, where hundreds of teams compete for 54 non-stop hours, answering an average of 8 ridiculously difficult trivia questions each hour, running on town-spanning scavenger hunts, and trying to identify badly photocopied, obscure photographs of celebrities and company logos. It's what we call fun around here, and as it happens, Mary is one of the lovely folks who helps organize the contest, which is a large-scale fundraiser for our campus radio station. She's been playing for years, and it really is difficult to get trivia out of your veins, even during the off season. Her shirt is from the 33rd annual contest in 2002--this year is the 48th contest!

Amanda would like to clarify that she does, in fact, know that LeRoy Butler was the first player to do the Lambeau Leap, which was actually grandfathered in as an exception to the NFL's "excessive celebration" rule.

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