Geeks Doing Good.

Video Time!

This is why Brett is usually behind the camera. We filmed our fundraiser video this morning, and things went pretty well, except for the guy playing horseshoes in the background. So we're not saying this particular accident actually happened. Not like this, anyway. Well, not exactly like this...

We're being mean to Maria, and we shouldn't. It's just fun to poke fun at her when she tackles something new. Maria will dive right in and start doing something, maybe swear a little at her computer (or what ever tool she's using), and then be successful. Then, after that small success, she will turn to the rest of the office and declare herself an expert in doing whatever it was she did. The celebration is always the fun part.

She had to edit one of the CSS files on our fundraising page this year. After typing in a line of code and discovering that the page now looked the way she wanted, she turned to Rachel and Brett and proudly said, "Guys, I'm totally a hacker now!" That's right. Maria's a hacker.

We promise she'll only use her massive skillz for good.