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Trina the Cyclone...Still Spinning

This happens a lot around here. We'll all break for lunch, and we'll pretty much take our entire half hour. We'll have our employee meeting between bites, then let the conversation devolve into geeky discussions (we had a 45-minute argument about the Oxford comma once).

Everyone except Trina. She'll eat something, then get right back to work. Her lunches last about five minutes. We have to force her to sit back down and take a break.

In reality, these conversations happened. The Blade Runner conversation actually happened last Friday, since Trina had finally watched it for the first time and everyone was comparing notes. To be fair, Trina did participate in the conversation. But this strip is usually how things go--we'll be deep into a discussion about how realiable a narrator Kvothe really is, and we'll realize that Trina is actually getting stuff done without us.

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