Geeks Doing Good.

Hank Green is a Nice Guy

So this did and didn't happen. We had the Worldbuilders booth set up in the vendor hall at NerdCon: Stories this past weekend, and on the second day, Hank Green came around and talked with everybody one-on-one, just to see how their weekend was going, if they needed anything, and if they had any suggestions. It was super nice of him. Amanda didn't have a fangirl meltdown, though. We think it's because she got it out of her system--Hank had already hugged her twice by that time.

NerdCon: Stories was a TON of fun. We were crazy busy, but in the best way. Everyone who stopped by the booth was really cool, and we got the chance to talk to a bunch of you, catch you up on IndieGoGo shipments (they're all sent!), hear your awesome stories (one very cool couple met during the Name of the Wind poker deck Kickstarter (hi Tim and Allison!)), and generally enjoy meeting you guys face to face.

Brett drew caricatures for a few shifts, and everyone loved seeing weird drawings of themselves--to the point of a few folks asking when his next shift was. Adam tag-teamed a gaming table with Amanda's boyfriend Nate that featured Pairs, Boss Monster, and King of Tokyo, and the table was packed solid the whole time. Y'all really love your games!

We also got to hang out with our friends Janelle and Minka from Badali Jewelry, and that's always a great time. We know we talk a lot about our sponsors, but we probably don't come clean about how fun it really is to hang out with them. We told Janelle they have to move Badali closer to Wisconsin so we can hang out more. She said she would, but the jewelers would have one heck of a commute each day, so it might not work so well.

These particular weirdos are Adam, Janelle, Maria, Rachel, Minka, and Nicole.

Thank you everyone--supporters, attendees, con organizers, and participating authors & performers--for an awesome con!