Geeks Doing Good.

Fond Farewell

It's time to say a bittersweet goodbye to our three volunteers! Bitter because Hunter, Donny, and Hans were a joy to have around (even virtually), and we'll miss them. Sweet because PIZZA!

In case you hadn't checked the Worldbuilders blog yesterday, we have to tell you that fulfillment is going epically well! Like, seriously. All the perks are in and sorted, and we've been sending out hundreds of boxes each day. Folks have started to get their perks, and we posted a few of their tweets as well. While there are still some perks to ship out, we're well past the halfway point and starting to see a few tabletops and empty shelves.

More trivia: Maria is wearing the same top she had on when our guests arrived. Her sister gave it to her, and she really likes it.Hans’s Chinese dialogue says, “I promise I’ll watch ‘Firefly.’” We're really sorry for the mechanical translation...Trina can call lightning. This is a true fact.

Keep those Facebook posts and tweets coming--we love to see your loot arrived safely! And cats. We like seeing cats as well.