Geeks Doing Good.

Brett's on Vacation...

Brett is grabbing a week off before planning for the annual fundraiser kicks in, but he totally forgot to do some comics in advance. Totally. This was in no way planned in advance. Adam took time out of his busy day to fill in. We're thinking Brett might need to pass the torch after this one.

The subtle nuance of the line work, the expertly rendered expressions and body language...Adam has a bright future ahead of him. Don't worry, we'll figure something out that Brett can do to contribute. We might send him out for coffee once in awhile. But no doughnuts--doughnuts should only be purchased by people who know what they're doing.

Maybe this all sounds mean, but we need to get the digs in before Brett's back from vacation. Not because he'll care, particularly, but because it's more fun this way.